Hannah x Rebecca


How do you convey a journey towards empowerment and finding freedom in individuality?

As a young mum with a history of depression and eating disorders, mental health advocate Hannah Godfrey’s experience as a teenager was often one of isolation. In this mixed media installation, Hannah and artist, Rebecca, express her journey towards empowered individuality and inspire others to find freedom in their own journey.

Hannah Godfrey (she/her)

At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and depression, which saw me become isolated from my friends and extended family. My recovery was supported by a stay in hospital just before starting High School. After this I tried to find freedom away from my diagnosis and individuality in my story and experience.

During my final year of high school, I found out I was pregnant. This forced a barrier between me and a lot of the social connections I had made during my 4 years of school. Again, I became isolated and withdrawn. I hope to encourage others whose stories may be similar or vastly different to reach out seek the individuality in their journey.

Rebecca Bannister (she/her)

I planned and created an artwork that represented the complexity of adversity faced by Hannah. Primarily focussing on enduring life after becoming a young mum within a small Tasmanian community. The wind chime ornament represents a song of individuality and expresses spirit, subtly referencing a baby’s mobile. The dress that inspired the artwork, is represented in its aesthetics. Clay ornaments were hand crafted and moulded with Tasmanian blue gum leaves and ferns to reference the Tasmanian specific story.


Embrace your journey, its individuality and your own individuality and freedom in who you are.

I want people to see and have the confidence to express the individuality in their stories and see the freedom in where their journey is yet to take them. To remember that life throws us challenges but none are too big that we can’t embrace who we are and leap over hurdles in time.


The collab

I started with sketches of a dress that was a significant symbol of Hannah’s story. I began to create the original sketch with clay and cloth, but was not happy with its appearance. I instead returned to the wind chime ornamental idea from a different approach discussed with Hannah. Instead of recreating Hannah’s leavers dress, I would use elements of it to decorate and represent it in a subtler fashion within the artwork.


Working with Bec and sharing my story was an amazing experience, and having been friends since our first day of high-school made the process even more special; Bec has been through my journey with me through the ups and downs. The process was beautiful, as was the expression Bec produced.

The expression is based on a baby mobile, incorporating leaf prints to symbolise Tassie trees, bells that chime in the wind to create an “individual song” and the material to symbolise my leavers dress, which I wore to defy the comments of people who said I wouldn’t show.


Hannah Godfrey (she/her)

Hannah is passionate about breaking down mental health stigma and raising awareness especially around eating disorders and the LGBTIQA+ community. As an Australian Youth Advocate for Mental Health, Hannah hopes to empower young people to seek appropriate support, speak up about their lived experience and reduce stigma on a national scale.

Rebecca Bannister (she/her)

Rebecca is a 21-year-old and an emerging artist based in Nipaluna/Hobart. Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts last year and is currently studying to become a primary school teacher.

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