Jacob x Lyrical Instinct


Facing it can feel hard but it’s a step towards healing

Following the loss of his best friend/brother, proud Yawru and Nyul-Nyul man and mental health advocate Jacob found himself masking his pain from others as he struggled to make sense of his loss. 

Sharing his story with artist Lyrical Instinct, ‘Face It’ follows Jacob’s journey of letting people in and coming to terms with his experience. Together through song, Jacob and Lyrical Instinct speak to the freedom that comes through sharing the struggle, and the strength and resilience we build when we face it. 

Jacob Corpus (he/him)

My first experience of mental health challenges arose after losing my best friend/brother to suicide. I remember going through a rollercoaster of different emotions and interrogating myself with questions I did not have the answers to. I started experiencing suicidal thoughts as I tried to understand how this could have happened. 

For a long time I could not comprehend it and coped by masking how I felt and not talking to anyone about how my grief was affecting me. I am grateful to have loving family and friends who noticed changes in my everyday behaviour and supported me patiently until I was able to reach out and ask for help. My difficult times helped me build resilience and a deeper understanding of how hard it can be for people following the loss of a loved one. 

Lyrical Instinct (Jacob) Gregory (he/him)

One of the main themes of ‘Face It’ is to set good examples for young people. I structured the song around Jacob’s key messages and tried to be poetic but impactful.

The pre-chorus talks about change – being ready for it at any moment and always trying to make the best of it. The chorus then leads into ‘facing it’ by having the perseverance in your efforts to make a positive change. The first verse reminds us to help ourselves after taking care of others by recharging and refocusing. The second verse reminds us not to be consumed by rage, but to be calm and decisive. 

The bridge talks about the battles we all face, and how it can be easy to get lost in them. Its message reminds us to treat people and the land with respect, and always stand our ground. The outro is like the voice in the back of the mind.


Things aren’t going to be the way that they are now, forever. We build our resilience over time.

Because I now have a better understanding of the experience of grief and loss, I have the strength to get through difficult times that may come up again. And I know that I’ll be able to look back on those difficult times with an even stronger toolkit. 

I think my lived experience has led me to where I am today and to the line of work I do in the mental health space. Without it, I wouldn’t have the expertise to be able to work confidently in this space. I want more young people in Australia to recognise the strength and resilience they have from their lived experiences. Once you decide to face your fears on your own terms, you can feel braver. 

Looking back, you may realise that you’re stronger than you thought you were. Face what you’re afraid of on your own terms – even if it’s the scariest thing.


The collab

This process was an important lesson that refreshed the spirit and reminded me that I’m not going through things alone, and that I also need to help others. I have a skill, but it would be wasted if it weren’t being used to help others. Most importantly though, I learnt to never forget who you are, where you started, and what you’re making out of your time here.

Lyrical Instinct

I really wanted to find someone from the local area who could understand the context of what we were going to be talking about. I’m glad Jacob could jump on board and support this project. I’ve found that this has brought Jacob and me closer in the community as well. 

I also found the process really inspirational. When you listen to a song that you can relate to or read something that you can relate to, it can validate your thinking and experiences. It means the world to me to be able to do a project like this that supports others and can be utilised by my community here in Broome.


Jacob Corpus (he/him)

Raised in Broome, Jacob is a proud Yawru and Nyul-Nyul man and is passionate about improving health and creating opportunities for young people in the Kimberley region. He strongly believes that our stories need to be told and voices need to be heard so that we can all work together to shape a positive future for the next generation.

Lyrical Instinct (Jacob) Gregory (he/him)

Jacob Gregory has been producing beats and lyrics for eight years. With a passion for rapping and spreading words of strength as well as knowledge, he hopes to make a positive impact through music and the art of hip hop. To some it’s just music, others, it’s a good genre, but to Jacob, it’s a way of life.

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